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If in United_States USD exchange rate against bitcoin is currently around
$ per 1 bitcoin
exchange rate of the day tends to
continue rising Up
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One USD is $ 0
rate by Google Finance

One USD is $ 0
rate by Yahoo Finance

As another reference / bitcoin price comparison
you can check the price of bitcoin in some web follows
1. Bitcoin Charts
2. BitcoinWisdom
3. CoinDesk
4. Bitcoinity
5. Coinbase
6. Winkdex
7. Blockchain
8. Bitcoin Ticker
9. BigTerminal
10. DPD


All of broker or bitcoin balance storage so expecting the bitcoin exchange rate continued rising and rising
And one of the factors that allow the exchange rate of bitcoin rising, is when the number of users continues to grow
Bitcoin Quantity is Fixed, and economic law states that when supply is limited and quantity of demand grows up. Then the price will rise up
Due to this reason, brokers willing to pay dearly to anyone who is willing to help to popularize bitcoin
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